A reader last week accused Me of being a “Land Rights for Gay Whales Wanker”. I’ll paraphrase his username and call him Up_Ya501, to protect his privacy. I’m not offended on the “wanker” front. What really pissed me off was that Up_Ya501 had been so damn lazy. A burning desire to slag-off as many minority/lefty groups in one short, sharp insult – fine. I get it. But at least aim for some internal consistency.

If you’re determined to include both indigenous rights activists and conservationists in your insult then PICK AN ENDANGERED LAND ANIMAL FOR FUCKS SAKE. A whale, sexual orientation notwithstanding, is clearly not going to be a pin-up for even the most hardcore land rights campaign. Land. Come on UpYa501, make a bit of an effort! Gay Pandas maybe. But whales? Jeezuz.


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